About Us



Hello! and Welcome to my site!

My name Is Joyce Rattray; I am 12-years-old and I am the founder of PBJoyce Inc. An online boutique that sells accessories, candies, and jewelry to women and children.

My days are filled with all things school and business but I am also very active and creative. I created PBJoyce Inc. in hopes of inspiring other kids to become entrepreneurs. Ultimately, offering them a pathway to start their own business.

While playing with my toys, I remember hearing my dad on the phone in the background taking business calls, making deals and booking shows and that always stayed with me.  At three years old I used to pretend to be a business owner, talking to customers and selling party packages. My earliest business memory is of me selling my own drawings at a mall kiosk where my mom's friend worked.  Who could resist a cute face and a smart pitch!? I made $6.00 that day and it felt great! 

Seeing my Dad develop 2 multi-million dollar companies gave me the confidence and inspiration to start my own company. Growing up in a business environment allowed me to develop a growing mind for business. I knew it was only a matter of time before PBJoyce Inc. would come to life.

There are so many fun and exciting opportunities ahead of us on this journey. This is just the first step!  Join Us!

Joyce Rattray